Friday, November 25, 2011

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson or RPattz as some fans call him!

but NOT me, I think it sounds bad ;)

Just look how cute he looks, so lovely. I can imagine why so many girls are so in to him, cause... wow he looks cute here. I loove his cowboy jacket! -and his hair.  PLUS he is only 25(may 13 1986)!! unfortunatly he's dating Kirsten Stewart... so girls put your dreams about him away.- he's taken! maybe he wil be on the market again someday

Even though Robert mostly works in America, and does american movies, his hometown is London. He is a British citizen, and I hope he never loses his accent!!
The thing I love about him the most, is his raw look, but he's still so cute when he smiles. I get the feeling he's the type of guy, who just likes to hang out with a guitar and chill.. A down to earth kind of guy, with a nice style, and a good personality. And did I forget to mention he's so HOT... I mean LOOK AT HIM!!!.

I know smoking is bad and unhealthy, but seriously... this picture is good, really good!! I like it and HIM. 

If you wanna stalk him a bit more
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