Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner i looove your leather jacket!!

I'm in a twillight mood today, sorry.... But look at him, he looks good in leather. Really I have a thing for guys in leather jackets, especially when they look as good as Taylor. 
And the fact that he has the Hottest body ever, doesn't hurt at all!!!
I think he dresses well, he looks handsome in leather, and he brands himselfs with his leather jacket, it's his personal style.. which i LOVE!!

In this photo, taken for teen vouge, he looks good... I mean just look at his over arms!!! Did I forget to mention how much I like his body..  and l like his shirt, which looks kind of old, and trashy.
Overall this picture is just NICE, good looking boy!!

Even though Taylor always has this tough image, I kind of find him cute sometimes. You get the feeling, from his interviews, that he just likes to laugh and have fun!! So whenever he smiles I see the boyish side of him, not the tough werewolf side. (although I like his werewolf side VERY MUCH!!)

JUST LOOK AT HIM WEARING SUITS, I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!! and i like his hair. He looks older than usual. btw Taylor is born 11. febuary 1992, turning 20 soon.

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