Thursday, December 1, 2011

Luke Perry AKA Dylan McKay

I admit it, I love Beverly Hills 90210 and of course 


And yeah i know he is like 45 now and his name is Luke Perry, but still. In his younger days he was a good piece of meat. 

He  have  these amazing brown, big and beautiful eyes. And in his twenties I suppose the girls stood in line, to date him or just have a quick look at him. 
Unfortunately I was not young in the early 90's, but if i were i would go straight after Luke (or DYLAN <3).

Today Luke Perry is married to Rachel Sharp, and they have 2 kids together. Even though he is older now, he once(or still for some- maybe) looked really good, and was a great and important character in
Beverly Hills 90210. But I do admit that i like him the most ind the early seasons of Beverly Hills.

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