Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ian Somerhalder

The H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E. Ian Somerhalder 

Ian Somerhalder is just perfect, I simply LOOOVE HIM!. and i'm NOT the only one. The first time i saw him was in Lost, but he didn't quit make a big impression on me, BUT then in Vampire Diaries i was just like WOOOW. OMFG he is just looovely.

He have the sexiest eyes, and smile, and I would kill to be in Nina Dobrev shoes. From his cast as Damon Salvatore, he has gained a status as mystical, out of limit guy. and yeah he is totally out of limit- I know. But I can dream right?

He is born December 8th 1978, turning 33.
Not only does he look insanely good, but he also have a passion for animals, and energy.
Check out his foundation, which I must say looks pretty awsome, and deals with impotent issues, we can't deny.

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