Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fransico Lachowski

Fransico "Freaking" Lachowski
Fransico Lachowski, born in 1991 and is from Brazil
Fransico is a Brazilian-Polish model who started his career in 2009, and has become a known model around the world, ranking #16 over the Top 50 Male models

So..... the first time I saw model Fransico Lachowski, I was with some friends watching this video by Justin Wu. Wu does these photoshoot-films with models, and after seeing this with Fransico I almost died! He is sooo cute! but he still has that raw kind of look.

People!!! You need to see this video. He is just adorable!!!

Okay... so I know that you guys will love him, just as much as I do!!
If you wanna see more, check out one of his fanpages: Link

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