Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ryan Reynolds

OMG, he is just HOOOT
Ryan Renolds, a guy we all have a secret desire for. He's just good looking, without any questions. About his marriage with the beautiful Scarlett Johanson, they were just too perfect for each other:(
Recently rumors about dating Sandra Bullock and the beautiful Blake Lively has been in the air, but let's hope they are just rumors!

We know Ryan Reynolds from "The Proposal", "Green Lantern" and "Two guys, a girl and a pizzaria".
Not only does he have a great body, but he also looks good with a small beard. He is born Oktober 23rd 1976 (just turned 35), and he is Canadian. The reason why girls are totally crazy about him must be his nice and kind smile, beautiful eyes, and not to forget that his body looks kind of good!
This Picture is taken 17/11- 2011 and is one of the newest fotos Ryan, and  I must say, that he is a good looking man. And  I almost forget his age.
If you want to stalk Ryan a little more, check out some of his fan-sites:

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